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The third industrial revolution will be based on Europe and the regions of Europe. Wallonia will totally be part of this redeployment. This redeployment is supported by sectors with high level economic potential and innovative activities.

Since 2005, the Walloon Government has engaged in an economic redeployment strategy through pluriannual Action Plans. At the heart of our strategy, the development of a new industrial policy mainly focused on the development of industrial eco-systems through an ambitious Competitive Poles policy.

The main objective of this policy is to reach a high level of competitiveness and international visibility in some key growth sectors (life sciences, agro-industry, mechanical engineering, transport & logistic, aeronautics & space, green chemistry and sustainable building) on the basis of strong collaborative projects between enterprises, research centres/universities and training centres. 

The international dimension is fully integrated in our smart specialisation strategy, notably with the objectives of reinforcing synergies between regional policies and EU policies, and to support internationalisation of regional stakeholders. In that perspective, the Region is fostering participation of clusters and other actors in EU projects, notably through cluster collaboration. Wallonia’s engagement in the Vanguard Initiative is full part of this strategy, with the aim of being part of the EU innovation ecosystem, and further develop interregional collaboration along value chains.

The regional smart specialisation strategy is now being redesigned for the new programming period.