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Tampere Region

Tampere Region

Tampere has been the cradle of industry and the capital of manufacturing in Finland. Through smart specialisation and renewing our manufacturing industry we will maintain our position among the most advanced regions in Europe.

Renewing the manufacturing industry is at the heart of our regional development. We will regain our position at the forefront of manufacturing regions by combin­ing new technologies to our products and services. We will use new ways of doing things: e.g. innovation platforms, system trials, demonstrations and international co-creation. We would like to go beyond clusters and lead our manufacturing indus­try to post-cluster competition.

Our smart specialisation strategy focuses at creating talent and capability build­ing and catalyzing of business ecosystems in four main fields: smart mobility, smart housing & infrastructure, industry renewal, advanced treatments and hu­man spare parts, which rely on key enabling technologies, such as computing, sig­nal processing, photonics, advanced manufacturing and biomedicine. New ways of innovation are developed and used to take our key industries to global market leaders.

We see interregional cooperation as an essential part of our regional development. A good cooperation example is the Tampere University of Technology led initia­tive BSR Manufacturing Belt, which seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the Baltic Sea Region countries by promoting macro­regional smart specialisation and attracting more private investments in research and innovation.

Another good example of interregional partnerships is the Tampere-Skåne collabo­ration, which is based on the regions’ smart specialisation strategies. We share the ambition for value creating international collaboration, concentrating on cities’ demands and developing concrete demonstrations. We will cooperate in developing the innovation capabilities and ecosystems and certain industrial sectors (logistics, health, ICT and media).