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We are committed to create an innovative and truly international mind-set throughout the region – cross­border cooperation is a top priority on our political agenda.


Skåne has gone through major structural changes the last decade. However, there is still a strong industry base, and industry is transforming into the new service sector. Our competitive advantage lies in highly skilled engineering, and lately there have been positive indications of companies moving back from low-cost countries. Skåne has to be attractive enough to stabilize this trend! We are committed to working close to the private sector, promoting the skill-base and know-how needed and to promote even closer cooperation with academia and other relevant actors to cre­ate an innovative and truly international mind-set throughout the region.

Our smart specialization strategy; the International Innovation Strategy for Skåne identifies three areas of relative strength: Personal Health, Smart and Sustainable Cities and Smart Materials. The existence of strong clusters within life-science, clean­tech, ICT, packaging, food and mobile communication is a starting point. We work intensely to facilitate their cross-border and cross-sectorial work, to create open innovation arenas. Strong regional research communities, the planning and build­ing of a world-class European research infrastructure in the region, as well as our perception of future major societal challenges have also been decisive for the choice of specialization.

Cross-border cooperation is a top priority on our political agenda. The Öresund collaboration is strong and manifested in the world-class life science hub of Medi­con Valley. Political partnership with Denmark and northern Germany promotes discussions on joint science and development agendas. We are working closely with Swedish national authorities to implement the innovation agenda of the Baltic Sea Strategy. This has resulted in new co-operations with Finnish regions Tampere (Smart Cities) and Oulu (eHealth).

Chair of the Committee for Regional Development