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Randstad Region

Randstad Region

With one of the largest agro (horticulture), marine and bio-based clusters in Europe, we work together with businesses and knowledge institutes towards a cleaner, more sustainable and future-proof region.

The regional economy of Randstad (Provinces of Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland, represented in Vanguard by Zuid-Holland) is in transition. The ports of Rotterdam (Mainport) and Amsterdam turn a classic port economy into a knowledge-intensive complex, based on (information) technology, bio-materials and smart services. The horticulture industry (Greenports) innovates, diversifies and focuses on sustainability. The knowledge infrastructure and business services in the area are growing and becoming more and more cross-linked and connected to the port and the horticultural sector, but Zuid-Holland is also home to the biggest concentration of high tech industry and life sciences & health sector in The Netherlands. 


Companies, institutions and local authorities are working together to accelerate this transition. The GDP of the whole region is about 45% of the total GDP of the Netherlands, for the province of Zuid-Holland it is around 21% of GDP. Economic actions in the provinces are implemented on the basis of a common regional economic agenda per province, but for ERDF there is a common programme. Central aspects include better cooperation between companies, research institutions and regional authorities, faster growth of SMEs with large growth potential and stimulate the commercialization of scientific knowledge (valorisation). The regional development agency for Zuid-Holland (Innovation Quarter) focuses on strengthening the international profile and bringing sectors together to generate new, promising cross-sectoral clusters, economic activities and value chains. Together, these activities contribute to the (further) development of region-specific specializations such as:  Maritime & Port, Energy, Horticulture, Chemistry, Life sciences & health, Hightech systems & materials, ICT and Aerospace which form the main pillars of a clean and future-proof regional economy.

Regional Minister for Europe and International Affairs