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Piemonte is fully committed in supporting strategic partnerships for innovation and industrial renewal

Industry and innovation are in Piemonte’s DNA.

Well-known as Italian traditional centre of car industry, in the past decades Piemonte faced global transformations and diversified its economy by building on its strong manufacturing capabilities, its academic excellence and its rich innovation ecosystem.

Piemonte is well above EU average for private investments in R&D and employment/export in medium-high tech manufacturing, and is home of renowned universities, research organizations, clusters, scientific-technology parks, incubators, industrial leaders and dynamic SMEs.

In 2008, Regione Piemonte anticipated the Smart Specialization trends supporting innovation in most relevant traditional and emerging industries, launching regional policies on Innovation Clusters and Technology Platforms.

Current S3 aims to fully exploit this innovation potential towards a successful industrial transition and it largely confirms support to those industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Mechatronics, Life Sciences, Green Chemistry, Advanced Materials, Energy and Clean Technologies, Agrifood, Textile, ICT) by adding distinctive features able to maximize innovation uptake: a stronger focus on KETs; Smart Manufacturing and Resource efficiency as key drivers of regional economy towards Industry 4.0 and circular economy; the support to open research infrastructures; a strengthened partnership with regional stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem.

For many years now, Piemonte is also being actively engaged in interregional partnerships, under different schemes (such as ERA-NET schemes and Interreg programmes) and initiatives (networks and policy/strategy platforms). Its main innovation stakeholders, such as clusters and research organizations, are engaged as well, through participation in EU projects, platforms and partnerships.

Through the commitment in Vanguard Initiative, Piemonte aims is to further strengthening interregional strategic collaborations in a long term perspective for regional industrial and innovation system,


President of Piemonte Region