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Örebro county

Örebro county

Our committment to the Vanguard Initiative is fully aligned with our strategy for Smart Specialisation and will give us an edge in seeking our position in contributing to the re-industrialisation of Europe.


The industry profile of the Örebro Region is well in line with several of the pilots of Vanguard Initiative, giving us a wide range of opportunities for industrial collaborations. The common denominator for the region´s key industry is advanced manufacturing. Large multi-national industrial corporations as well as small, highly specialized SME´s make up the base of the industrial landscape.

Leading applied research on sensors and autonomous systems as well new and upcoming national initiatives on AI are hosted at the regional Örebro University, leaving the Örebro Region well positioned for future industrial development and further engagement in inter-regional activities. 

The Örebroregion is active in a pioneering effort with our neighboring regions of East Central Sweden (NUTS SE12) where we collaborate in four focus areas based on Smart Specalisation. One of them is a thematic area of relevance for Vanguard, “Smart Industry”, where we already have sought efforts of collaboration with fellow Vanguard Regions such as Emilia Romagna and Upper Austria.

Our membership in the Vanguard Initiative has already proven successful in terms of forming new partnerships where our priorities for Smart Specialisation can be realized and put into practice. To us, the Vanguard Initiative is an integrated and important part of our regional innovation eco-system, manifesting our cutting-edge applied research and allowing our industry to form new partnerships for growth.

Chair of the Committe for Regional Growth