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North Rhine-Westphalia continues to be the industrial heartland of Europe. Through our industrial policy, we assist industry with bringing innovative products successfully to the lead markets of the future.

North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the leading economic regions in Europe and the economically strongest federal state in Germany. 21 percent of the national gross domestic product is generated here - that is more than 705 billion euros.  This performance is largely due to the contribution of industry.  Our industry is a guarantor of economic strength, prosperity and development and offers innovative and efficient solutions for realizing the global economic potential; at the same time, it meets the ecological and social requirements.  

Our common goal is to provide the industrial companies in the country and the numerous industry-oriented service companies with good framework conditions and clear development prospects. In doing so, we are facing enormous challenges. Keywords such as climate change, demographic development, international competition between locations, increasing protectionism and digitization show the dimension of the task.

We have identified 14 fields of action in our industrial policy mission statement. The clear objective of these fields of action is to improve the innovative and competitive ability of all companies in North Rhine-Westphalia as an industrial location across all industries and sectors. In doing so, we are guided by global transformation requirements and take into account the increasing integration of industrial manufacturing and services in international value chains and networks.  Important fields of action are, for example, the promotion of innovations, better networking between industry and start-ups, the promotion of a modern mobility infrastructure, the provision of a reliable energy supply and climate protection. The implementation is to be carried out in a dialogue between politics, trade associations, chambers of commerce, companies and social partners as well as all relevant actors. 



Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia