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Lombardy is ready for the challenges of the future. Willing to be a leading player, the region will keep betting on research and innovation, real engines of growth and development

Lombardy industrial policy is in line with the S3 Strategy aiming at supporting the key areas of regional excellence. It is divided into three main areas: 1)enterprise and entrepreneurship; 2)research, innovation and technology transfer; 3)interna­tionalization. Innovation, as crucial element of the regional action, is essential for the complex and diverse productive system in order to maintain its competitive position at global level and the stimulation of the connection between the three elements of the knowledge triangle is key for the growth and productivity of the business and knowledge system.

Lombardy Region has the goal to find paths for the growth of the territory by leveraging on the strengths and turning weaknesses into opportunities. The point of view has changed, going from a bottom-up approach - based on traditional sec­tors - to an horizontal approach, with a vision structured around systems of com­petence and expertise. The challenge is helping the productive system intercepting and seizing new market opportunities, accompanying traditional industries in the transition and specialization towards emerging industries. The resources will be concentrated on great impact projects supporting :

innovation processes and com­petitiveness of traditional sectors (e.g. mechanical, chemicals and pharma, fashion, furniture, agro-food.. );
the development of innovative and technological clusters (e.g. advanced manufacturing, energy, aerospace);
the transformation of produc­tive activities, helping businesses to find new market niches and opportunities by integrating the supply chains of different sectors.

Regione Lombardia starts its active role in the interregional cooperation in 1988 with the foundation of the Four Motors for Europe, of which it currently holds the presidency for the year 2019.

Lombardy strongly believes in the cooperation among regions at EU level and it is member of several sectorial networks.

President of Regione Lombardia