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Galicia aims to renew and strengthen the regional industrial sectors, making them represent 20% of the GDP and provide 50.000 new jobs by 2020

In the northwest of Spain and the Iberian peninsula, Galicia is characterized by its forestry, marine and energy resources. Historically, although the economy in our territory has not laid on strong innovation and knowledge basis, industry has always played a key role, being automotive, marine, textile and agri-food the sectors with the biggest impact in our GDP.

Aware of this, Xunta de Galicia has identified a series of challenges to increase social-economical growth and competitiveness, such as improving cooperation between knowledge centres and business, capturing and retaining talent, supporting technological entrepreneurship or strengthening the protagonism of innovative SMEs and knowledge-intensive sectors. Based on them, two strategies have been elaborated, which should guide our industrial and innovation policies in the next years: our S3 and the Galicia-Industria 4.0 Competitiveness Agenda.

The Agenda aims to strengthen Galician industrial sectors, making them represent 20% of our GDP and provide 50.000 new jobs by 2020, thus becoming the real engine to help the region economy grow. Special support is given to SMEs, as they represent the vast majority of our productive system.

And with the S3, we expect to transform the production system from a medium-low technological intensity model to another characterised by medium-high technological intensity. The Strategy is articulated around three challenges, one of them focused on revitalizing industry through Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing, which also encourages the participation of our companies and innovation stakeholders in transnational networks and platforms.

In our ongoing effort to help improve our economic growth, a cross-border S3 has been designed for the Euro-region Galicia-North of Portugal, the RIS-T, in which Advance Manufacturing plays a central role.

Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry