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The Basque Country has been pursuing an innovation strategy for the last 30 years. Being nowadays considered a success story in industrial renewal, our RIS3 strategy responds to the productive and social transformations needed to generate employment and welfare.

The industrial character of the Basque economy has set the Industrial Policy as the backbone of the Basque Government’s actions on competitiveness. Science, Technol­ogy and Innovation policy in the Basque Country has a track record of more than 30 years with continuity in terms of major objectives. The strategic vision has focused in achieving the short-terms needs for maintaining and increasing the industrial competitiveness, while we open areas of industrial diversification built from our own capabilities.

The institutional plurality embedded in a private public collaboration scheme has been recognized as one of the unique strengths in the Basque Country. The RIS3 design has resulted from the combination of structural or functional priorities with vertical bets under the premise of increasing the economic impact of investments by transferring knowledge to the industry. Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and Biosciences have already being set as the first choice for the key priority areas for scientific, technological and industrial development.

The outward looking trend of our Science, Technology and Innovation strategies is totally aligned with the international aim of the Basque competitiveness policies. This openness has paid off in the successful engagement of the Basque Innovation System in the EU R&D programmes and our highly active participation in the ER-Anet scheme.

President of the Basque Country