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Aragon's economy must continue being an "intelligent, sustainable and integrated economy that benefits from a high level of employment and social cohesion." 

Aragón is one of the main industrial hubs in Spain. It is home to industries from all sectors: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, paper, metallurgy, and the electronics, chemical and food and agriculture industries and, of course, the automotive industry.

Aragon is home to large industrial groups: Schindler, SAICA, Pikolin. The headquarters of the National Association of Public Works and Construction Machinery, the Association of Elevator Component Companies, business clusters for the agri-industry, efficient water usage, automotive industry, logistics, health, and aerospace sectors.

Aragon heads the list of per capita patent request in Spain and the weight of industry is 6 points higher in Aragon than in the rest of the country, three quarters of the investment in R&D is in the industrial sector.

Aragón is one of the most innovative regions in Spain. Besides, it has the most competitive labour costs among the more highly developed areas of Spain, with high quality training, employee loyalty, and unions, which have traditionally been eager to reach agreements on flexibility and other working conditions. It is a region with a small, business-friendly and agile administration, with public support for new investment and job creation. Due to that, Aragón is location for multinational companies operating in the areas of Logistics, Automotive industry, Advanced Manufacturing, Business Services and more.

President of the Government of Aragon