• 08.12.2020

    The year 2020 presented challenges through the global pandemic COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, the ADMA Energy Pilot was able to come together and further develop the project areas for collaboration based on current priorities. In 2021, the ADMA Energy Pilot and partners would like to build on the experiences and outline a clear Action Plan for 2021.

  • 08.12.2020

    The energy enhancement of biomass is one of the most promising allies to ensure the transition to sustainable zero-emission growth.  Among the innovative partnership belonging in the Vanguard network, there is the SMBIo-LNG, an innovative industrial demo case, under the Vanguard Initiative’s Bioeconomy Pilot, on turning waste into green energy for sustainable mobility. 

  • 07.12.2020

    The digital transformation demo-case of the Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) Pilot has successfully launched the project AI REGIO, funded by Horizon 2020. 

  • 01.12.2020

    The Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) Pilot will organise an online plenary meeting on 16 December 16th to share the progresses of the pilots' four demo-cases; De- and Remanufacturing, Digital Transformation, Polymer-based functional products, Energy-flexible and resource-efficient factory operation. The event will also be the occasion to discuss future actions planned for 2021 triggered by the presentation of opportunities for S3-based inter-regional innovation in Horizon Europe.

  • 25.11.2020

    On 19 November, the Vanguard Initiative organised the Annual Political Meeting 2020, and for the first time ever the meeting was held in digital format.

  • 30.09.2020

    In the context of the public consultation launched by the Commission about the new Interregional Innovation Investment initiative (I3) proposed under the ERDF regulation for the 2021-2027 programming period, the Vanguard Initiative has elaborated a comprehensive contribution, in collaboration with 6 other European Networks. Our joint contribution is also supported by 14 S3 interregional Partnerships. 

  • 11.09.2020

    Take the opportunity to attend the interesting online conference "Bridging the gap between Science and Business: How to empower Intermediary Companies". The conference is organised on 15th September and the deadline to register is the same day. 

  • 28.08.2020

    Within the Nano Pilot, the NeMs4Bio democase organised an explorative workshop for partners in East Netherlands and Flanders on 14th of August. The objective of the meeting was to discuss various concepts for R&D activities in order to develop a platform using standardized solutions. The NeMs4Bio demo case aims to develop integrated and packaged functional modules that fit into devices, and not isolated pieces of technology.

  • 27.08.2020

    The demo cases of the Vanguard Initiative Nano Pilot will take part in the fifth edition of NanoInnovation conference that will take place from 15 - 18 September 2020 in virtual mode. The Nano Pilot is collaborating with the NanoItaly Association and the Italian Association for Industrial Research (AIRI) to organize the event. All Vanguard and Nano Pilot members are invited to register and participate in the conference which includes interesting seminars and matchmaking sessions. 

  • 27.08.2020

    The Nano Pilot will soon launch a call for ideas to set up new demo-cases in the area of micro- and nanotechnology. All regions that are members of the Nano Pilot will be invited to participate in this activity by submitting one or more proposals and/or expressing their interest to join as partner.