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The way forward: Vanguard Initiative High Level Meetings 7 and 8 November

The way forward: Vanguard Initiative High Level Meetings 7 and 8 November

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On November 7-8, Brussels was home to several High Level meetings organized by the Vanguard Initiative (VI). These High Level Meetings aimed to strenghten the commitment of VI to a stronger and successful interregional cooperation, to contribute to the revitalisation of Europe’s industry and to deliver results having concrete impact on sustainable growth and job creation. 

Three main meetings took place, in which the High Level Directors from the Vanguard regions further built upon the decisions that were made during the Annual Political Meeting in February this year and the achievements that have been reached since. During the internal High Level Directors meeting on November 7, important decisions were made upon the further professionalisation of Vanguard Initiative and relevant EU policy developments were discussed. A position was taken on towards the future of EU industry and cluster policy and finance solutions. 

Click here to read the official position of Vanguard Initiative, “Regions and future EU policies for Growth and Investment”.

On November 8, this position was shared with Members of the European Parliament during a working session, hosted by MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij. After the welcome speech by Van Nistelrooij, Prof. Patrizio Bianchi, Minister of Emilia-Romagna Region and Semester Chair of Vanguard initiative presented the VI progress. An open discussion on future collaboration, policy developments and needs followed with the Members of the European Parliament and the Vanguard Initiative High Level Directors.

In the afternoon of November 8, a meeting on Finance and Investments took place at the Emilia-Romagna Delegation to the EU . European Commission’s DG REGIO, GROW, RESEARCH and DG CONNECT Senior officers participated at the meeting, together with EIB representatives and VI Region High Level Directors. This meeting was an opportunity to jointly discuss concrete developments in EU financing policy regarding Vanguard Initiative Pilot Projects needs. During the meeting the cooperation among the VI Regions and the EU institutions was further strengthened and a joint exploration of the conditions for funding / subsiding interregional, industry lead pilot projects demo-cases was performed.

The two-day programme is considered a new milestone in the collaboration of Vanguard Initiative with EU partners and in strenghtening the contribution of Vanguard Initiative to the revitalisation of Europe’s industry and the delivery of real impact on sustainable growth and job creation.