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The Vanguard Initiative now a registered ASBL

The Vanguard Initiative now a registered ASBL

Friday, September 15, 2017

In order to allow the Vanguard Initiative to advance its work within the field of smart specialisation, a Belgian non-profit association (ASBL), has been registered. The formalisation of the network serves the Vanguard Initiative by opening opportunities for additional funding as well as enabling further administrative resources in the future.

The Vanguard Initiative is pleased to announce its successful registration as a Belgian non-profit association, or ASBL. The creation of an ASBL marks yet another step in the development of the organisation and serves as proof of participating regions continuous commitment to the Vanguard Initiative and its ability to enable new growth through smart specialisation.

As a legal entity, the Vanguard Initiative will be able to independently apply for and receive funding from the European Union or other bodies, additional funding that would add capacity to the Vanguard Initiatives pilots and demo cases.

From its creation, in 2013, until July 2017 the Vanguard initiative was operated through informal collaboration between officials of regional governments and economic development agencies of the member regions, underpinned by a political commitment from regional political leaders. Whilst the Vanguard Initiative has accomplished successful outcomes with this type of cooperation, a formalization was needed to safeguard the continuous growth and development of the organisation and its pilots. Thereby the bottom-up perspective of smart specialisation and regional growth can be ensured and strengthened.

Please contact the board for any further questions concerning the ASBL.