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Supporting interregional S3 cooperation along industrial value chains

Supporting interregional S3 cooperation along industrial value chains

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

On the 6th of November, the Vanguard Initiative organised, jointly with the European Parliament SME Intergroup a breakfast session dedicated to the new Interreg Component 5 ‘Interregional Innovation Investment’. After a presentation by the Commission, the EP rapporteur, Mr Pascal Arimont, explained the state of play of discussions within the EP about this proposal. On behalf of the Vanguard Initiative,  Wim de Kinderen showcased examples of interregional collaboration and expected benefits from this new tool for European Regions. The session allowed a lively discussion on this new component 5, which remains debated at EU level.

The Vanguard Initiative has elaborated a working paper detailing the main arguments to defend this tool which could contribute substantially to the strengthening of the competitiveness of the EU and all of its regions. The paper, together with a detailed summary of the session and powerpoint presentations are available below.

For more information 

Vanguard Initiative Working paper on ETC 5. 

Intergroup conclusions supporting S3 cooperation along industrial value chains.

Intergroup, WIm de Kinderen, Presentation.