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Matchmaking event on innovative materials

Matchmaking event on innovative materials

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Watify, an initiative with the objective to boost technological transformation within European industries, is to host a matchmaking event on sustainable, advanced and new materials in Barcelona.

The Watify initiative invites regions to partake in a matchmaking event focusing on sustainable, advanced and new materials. The event, that is to be held in Barcelona on the 3rd of October, aims to demonstrate new manufacturing possibilities provided by innovative materials as well as to connect public and private partners for interregional cooperative projects within the field. Partners matched through the event would be enabled to pool resources and knowledge in order to overcome existing challenges concerning the commercialization of new materials.

Several obstacles currently hinder the successful commercialization of sustainable, advanced and new material. To address this issue, discussions including officials from the public and private sector as well as academia will be held during the event to explore possible solutions and ways forward. The invitation is extended to any region, cluster, SME or research institute seeking partners for joint initiatives aimed at commercializing new, innovative materials in the EU.

The last day to register for the event is the 25th of September.


The Watify initiative is a campaign with the purpose to stimulate the technological transition of European industries. As part of that strive, Watify organizes events where actors from different sectors across the EU can meet and connect with potential partners. Partnerships enabled by Watify seeks to boost the technological transformation of the European industrial community by bringing partners with different competences together. The initiative is funded by the European commission. Vanguard Initiative is, through Brainport Development, a partner in the initiative.

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