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3DP PAN EU contributing to combat Covid-19 crisis

3DP PAN EU contributing to combat Covid-19 crisis

Thursday, April 9, 2020

3DP PAN EU is an EU-wide, web-based matchmaking tool connecting supply and demand in the field of 3D-printing. The current health crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus leads a number of companies and organisations, medical and other, to experience supply chain problems while searching for specific parts or components. 3DP PAN EU is here to offer its support and open up the platform.

3DP PAN EU is a platform originally designed to map 3D-printing test and demonstration facilities in the EU, describing in detail the equipment and services that are available for use by third parties. This transparent offer is promoted towards European SMEs, in order to facilitate a matchmaking resulting in collaborative projects bringing 3DP innovation faster to the market.

3DP PAN EU now extends its scope to allow a matchmaking between 3DP production facilities and companies/organisations in need. Several exciting similar initiatives are emerging in Europe on an individual, local or regional level but 3DP PAN EU is the only one operating on an EU wide level. Existing initiatives are free to register their offer on the 3DP PAN EU website. Companies and organisations can extend their outreach for a solution to their needs.

Who can benefit from this possibility:

  • Do you have 3D printing production capacity available and are you open to receive orders from third parties? Please visit, click on the Covid-19 banner and register your facility.
  • Are you a health care institution, a manufacturing company, or any other company or organiation in need of a 3D-printing based product or service? Please visit, click the Covid-19 banner, specifiy your needs and discover who you can turn to for help.