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3D-printing pilot to hold plenary meeting

3D-printing pilot to hold plenary meeting

Monday, November 27, 2017

In early December, regional stakeholder involved in the pilot on High Performance Production through 3D-Printing will gather in Brussels for a plenary meeting. The meeting aims to facilitate discussions on potential funding tracks and the structure of cooperation projects formed in each of the pilots’ six areas of joint demonstration. New regions and stakeholders are invited to partake in the meeting and to get involved in pilot activities to further strengthen the cooperation.

The Vanguard Initiative pilot on High Performance Production through 3D-Printing will, on December 4th, hold a plenary meeting. The meeting will gather officials representing all of the pilot’s demonstration cases to discuss matters if importance for the future cooperation. Some of the most prominent questions of discussion is foreseen to be potential funding tracks and the scope and concrete set up of the demonstration cases. The main objective of the meeting is to support each demonstration case to develop towards the effective launch of cross-regional projects and activities.  

The pilot has previously identified six areas of joint demonstration, which are describe more in detail below. Following an initial session, each of these joint-demonstration areas will, in parallel meetings, invite interested stakeholders such as companies, clusters and RTOs in matchmaking sessions to finalize the partnership and structure of each case.

Although each joint-demonstration area already gathered some regions and demonstration facilities as well as caught the interest of industrial stakeholders, new regions and their actors are invited to join to further strengthen the pilot. Likewise, the list of joint-demonstration areas is neither fixed nor limitative: new demonstration areas can be launched once common interest and synergies have been found between regions.

The plenary meeting will take place in Brussels at the regional delegation of the Lombardy region.

The six areas of joint demonstration

Regions involved in the Vanguard Initiative has carried out surveys and mapped both the industrial needs in the regions and the own capabilities and facilities for demonstration. Within the 3DP Pilot, this lead to the identification of six areas for joint-demonstration. Each area aims at connecting demonstration facilities in a complementary way based on identified capabilities, needs and challenges in the regions, and to facilitate access from industry.

The six areas for joint demonstration are listed below:

  1.  “3D-Printed hybrid components (Metal-CFRP)” (automotive, aerospace and machinery and tooling)
  2. “3D-Printed automotive components (mono-material) for large (>2500 mm), medium and small complex parts”
  3. “3D-Printed complex parts” (Machinery & Tooling)
  4. “Additive-subtractive high precision & high finish production (high-end metals)” (automotive, aerospace, transport, energy, machinery)
  5. “3D-Printed customized components for orthosis, exoskeleton and exoprosthesis” (Healthcare)
  6. “3D-Printed, mass-customised consumer products” (textile, lighting, decoration, furniture, fashion)

More information on the demonstration cases and the agenda of the meeting can be found here.