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New Nano-Enabled Products

New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot


The Vanguard Initiative New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot project has the aim to connect regions in order to build an industrial ecosystem in the field of nanotechnologies and to create pilot production facilities for products based on nanomaterials. These products can be based on a synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomponents which can be integrated in corresponding technical applications in virtually any industry sector, including areas such as clothing, automotive, construction, IT, displays, cosmetics, food, and medicine. Bringing prototypes to production by securing the reproducibility of application remains a critical point for the industry. This is where this pilot project aims to make a difference.

Pilot project added value  

The pilot project aims to connect and further develop an open and business driven facility for pilot production of nano-enabled materials, systems, and products. By pooling the region’s resources and efforts, and by connecting regional strengths to create a strong European industrial fabric within nanotechnology, new value chains will emerge within the realms of innovative nanomaterials, connecting European R&D and laboratory infrastructure with different types of industries.  

Demo cases currently under development: 

Nano Wires for ICT and Energy Applications​

This demonstration case aims to identify opportunities to commercialise the nanowire technology in three market segments: photovoltaics, lighting, and power and RF electronics. In addition, an initiative to create a pilot manufacturing facility for nanotech scale-up, ProNano, is being developed in Lund. Although the use of active nanowires for the above applications is novel and in the early development phase, each target well-established markets and supply chains.

Further information is available in the nano-wires brochure

Contact: Michael Salter, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Skåne Michael.Salter [at]

Nano-Enabled Microsystems for Bio-analysis (NeMs4Bio)

This demonstration case addresses the microfluidic integration challenges of sensor chips in cartridges for bio-analytical purposes (medical diagnostics, bioprocess monitoring, environmental monitoring). It aims at developing interoperable technologies, connecting up-scalable manufacturing facilities and design, test, and modelling methods for bio-functionalisation, nano-functionalisation, and heterogeneous cross-KET sensor integration with microfluidics.

Further information is available in the NeMs4Bio brochure

Contact: Wolfgang Eberle, IMEC, Flanders, wolfgang.eberle [at] and Henri Janssens, East Netherlands Development Agency, East Netherlands, henri.janssens [at]


The demo-case on Nano-Enabled Printed Electronics Shapetronics is working on the development of technologies to integrate functionally printed structures directly onto 3D objects. 

The project aims to develop a technology platform dedicated to benchmarking and exploring new printed fabrication process (substractive and additive methods) to integrate electronics on large area curved objects. Final realisation will be illustrated by demonstrators of 3D active functions. 

Shapetronics aims to address a benchmark (and explore new) printing process for active surface functions (electrical printed tracks, sensors, optoelectronic devices) on 3D metallic shapes dedicated to digitalisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), electronics, energy and aerospace applications.

Further information is available in the Shapetronics brochure.

Contact: Philippe Guaino, CRMGroup, Program Leader, Philippe.GUAINO [at] 

Leading Region



Skåne Region


Participating Regions

Asturias (ES) Norte (PT)
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (FR) North Rhine-Westphalia (DE)
Baden-Württemberg (DE) South-Netherlands (NL)
East-Netherlands (NL) Tampere (FI)
Flanders (BE) Wales (GB)
Navarra (ES) Walonia (BE)



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Fabrizio Ciarmatori fabrizio.ciarmatori [at]

Francesco Paolo Ausiello francescopaolo.ausiello [at] (francescopaolo.ausiello@aster.i)francescopaolo.ausiello [at] (t)

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