Vanguard Inititive asbl Board 2019

Remedios Bordiu, Asturias 
Email: rbordiu.ccaa.asturias [at]

Eva Pando, Asturias 

Email: pando [at] 

T: +32 2509 87 57

Petra Puechner, Baden Wuerttemberg 
Email: puechner [at]

T: +49 7111234012

Aitor Mintegui Echalecu, Basque Country
Email:  aitor-mintegui [at]

T: +32 2285 45 30 

East Netherlands, Vera Leonhart
Email: leonhart [at]

T: +31 62112 3510

Lombardy, Maria Vittoria Frau
Email: maria_vittoria_frau [at]

T: + 32 25187632

Piemonte Region, Massimo Lapolla 
Email: massimo.lapolla [at]

T: +39 011 432 3071

Drasko Veselinovic, Slovenia 
Email: drasko.veselinovic [at]

T: +32 2645 1914

Eleanor Vaughan, Welsh Governement EU office 
Eleanor.Vaughan [at]

T: + 32 2506 4478


Farha Brahmi, Vanguard Initiative
Network Manager 

Email: farha.brahmi [at]

T: +32 484 48 18 42


Mikel Irujo Amezaga Provincie Navarra
Email: mikel.irujo.amezaga [at]
 T: +32 2 721 60 77 

Vanguard Initiative Brussels Network Task Groups Leads

Policy Influencing Task Group (PITG)

Florence Hennart, Wallonia
Email: florence.hennart [at]


T: +32 8 133 39 51

Vanguard Pilot Monitoring Task Group (VPM)

Wim De Kinderen, Brainport/South Netherlands
Email: w.dekinderen [at]


T: +31 6 119 03 228

Communication Task Group (COM TG)


Ingrid Jansson, Region Värmland 
Email: ingrid.jansson [at]

T: +32 491 48 55 92

Eleanor Vaughan, Welsh Government EU Office
Email: eleanor.vaughan [at]

T: +32 2 50 64478

Co-Funding Task Group (CoFTG) 


José Carlos Caldeira, INESCTEC, Norte, Portugal
Email: jose.caldeira [at]

T: +351 222 094 030

Future of Vanguard Initiative Task Group 


Drasko Veselinovic, Slovenia 
Email: drasko.veselinovic [at]

T: +32 2645 1914

Pilot Project Lead Regions

High Performance Production through 3D-Printing


Barbara Cattoor, Government of Flanders
Email: Barbara.Cattoor [at]


Pedro Rocha, ProduTech (Norte)
Email: pedro.rocha [at]


Vincent Duchene, IDEA Consult
Email: vincent.duchene [at]


Jean-François Romainville, IDEA Consult
Email: Jean-Francois.Romainville [at]


Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM)


Giacomo Copani, AFIL (Lombardy)
Email: giacomo.copani [at]


Roberta Curiazzi, AFIL (Lombardy)
Email: roberta.curiazzi [at]


Joan Guasch
Email: joan.guasch [at]


Jordi Romero Mora, Technology Centre of Catalonia 
Email: jordi.romero [at]


Bio-Economy – Interregional cooperation on innovative use of non-food Biomass


Ilaria Re
Email: [at]


New nano-enabled Products


Michael Johnsson, Skåne European Office
Email: michael.johnsson [at]


Ana Paula Nascimento, Region Skåne
Email: ana.nascimento [at]


Advanced Manufacturing for Energy-Related Applications in Harsh Environments


Charles Abbott
Email: Charles.Abbott [at]

Aitor Mintegui Echalecu, Basque Country
Email: aitor-mintegui [at]




Click here for the contact details of the regional representatives of the partner regions